Aerosilver® ANTIMICROBIAL Face Mask

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Aerosilver® is a health-care fiber, which increases your performance and endurance by moving the sweat away from the body to the outer layer of fabric which also contains silver (Ag) component that eliminates various harmful germs and odor causing germs.

Aerosilver® is a next generation multi-functional fiber providing moisture absorbent/fast drying function with antimicrobial effects. Aerosilver is a universal yarn applications range from intimate wear to sportswear.

Powerful antimicrobial effect
Aerosilver® eliminates highly tolerant M.R.S.A. as well as Staphylococcus and Pheumococcus in a short time.

Quick absorption and quick drying
Aerosilver® not only dries fast but it also evaporates moisture quickly to maintain cool body temperature for excellent comfort.

Powerful deodorisation effect
Maintains freshness in garments by eliminating odour causing germs.

Interception of ultraviolet rays
Aerosilver®which has superior interception of ultraviolet rays make it possible to prevent skin ageing and skin burn.

It can be washed and reused repeatedly. It is recommended to wash it by hand with regular soap and have it dry out of direct sunlight.Please wash after daily use.

  • Anti-microbial Effect
  • Quick Dry
  • UV Protection
  • Cuts pollen and dust - soft, conforming to all faces leaving no openings allowing for ultimate protection
  • It also allows for greater comfort during long term use
  • For those wearing glasses, it prevents fogging
  • Economical and Eco friendly being reusable
  • Wash after every use
  • Hand wash with soap
  • Wash by hand, then dry away from direct sunlight
  • Made in Korea